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Hot PinK Pure Georgette Banarsi Bandhej Saree

Hot PinK Pure Georgette Banarsi Bandhej Saree

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A Pure Georgette Dual tone Sunshine yellow and pink Bandhej saree is a stunning and culturally rich Indian attire known for its intricate tie-and-dye patterns and lightweight fabric.

Our new Festive Collection Of sarees are vibrant and classy yet traditionl ,suitable for all occasions.

Fabric: Pure Georgette is a sheer and lightweight fabric that drapes gracefully, making it a favored choice for sarees. Its delicate texture adds an element of sophistication to the overall look.

Bandhej (Bandhani): Bandhej, also known as Bandhani, is a traditional Indian tie-and-dye technique. It involves tying small portions of the fabric with thread and then dyeing it, creating intricate and colorful patterns. Bandhej sarees often feature vibrant, eye-catching designs such as dots, waves, and stripes.

 Bandhej sarees come in a wide array of colors, with each hue representing different emotions or occasions. Vibrant reds, blues, greens, and yellows are popular choices for celebratory events, while softer pastels are favored for casual or daytime wear

These sarees are a popular choice for festive occasions, weddings, and cultural celebrations. They exude a traditional and vibrant charm, making them a symbol of Indian heritage and craftsmanship.

Saree comes with running blouse, contrast blouse is for refrence purposes only


6.2 m with Running Blouse


8 To 10 working Days

Care Guide

Dry Wash Only


Color May Vary Due to light effect. Exchange within 7 days of delivery if any defacts

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