The Way We Welcomed Summer!

The Way We Welcomed Summer!

Even with the weather still undecided in the 3rd week of March, on what it wants to be here in NCR, I knew it won't be long before the infamous "Delhi Summer" comes roaring in with full force and my friends and customers rushing in at the store, to ask for "something cotton and summerish"!

In probably a couple of weeks, the humble Nariyal Pani would have hit a Zimbabwian Inflation Rate, there will probably be half a dozen ice cream thelas around each condominium, all last shreds of winter clothing would have found their way back into trunks or drycleaners and one would think many a times to get into their car parked in sun, 

So I thought of letting everyone shop for summers while it was till thanda here and zeroed in on the last weekend (17th to 19th March) to have everyone drop in and see what i had in store! And boy oh boy, was it a stampede or what!

While I ended up with a back as stiff as stone and barely able to even lift a glass of water at the end of three days, but honestly, I was thrilled to see so many of our old clients and new people walk in for the event! I don't remember being alone in the store even for a minute all through. 

A lot of preparation in stocking up and readying the store and welcoming the customers went in but it was totally worth it all! All I can say is a BIG THANKYOU to everyone who came in and shopped with us and made the "Summer Pop" event a huge success!

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