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Black Ajrakh Gajji Silk Stole

Black Ajrakh Gajji Silk Stole

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Ajrakh stoles are crafted through a meticulous handblock printing process. Local artisans begin by preparing the fabric, typically cotton or silk, with a thorough wash and soak. Designs are then hand-carved onto wooden blocks, each representing a specific motif.

Next, skilled artisans apply natural dyes derived from plants and minerals onto the blocks, stamping the fabric with precision. This process is repeated multiple times, layering colors and patterns to achieve the intricate designs characteristic of Ajrakh.

After printing, the stoles undergo a thorough washing and sun-drying process to set the colors and enhance their vibrancy. The final result is a beautifully handcrafted Ajrakh stole, perfect for both formal saree dresses and a casual, stylish look. The blend of traditional techniques and natural materials adds a unique charm to these artisanal creations.


2 mtrs


Shipping time is 5-7 days

Care Guide

Dry wash


Color may slightly vary from the actual color of the material due to editing & effects of photography. No refund/ exchange due to color variation. These are handcrafted and colored, therefore slight unevenness of the patterns are expected.

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