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Hot Pink Dola Banarasi Saree

Hot Pink Dola Banarasi Saree

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The Dola Silk Banarasi weaving saree is a masterpiece of Indian textile . What sets the Dola Silk Banarasi saree apart is its intricate weaving technique, characterized by the use of golden and silver zari threads.

These sarees typically feature intricate motifs and patterns inspired by nature, mythology, and Mughal artistry. The weaving process involves skilled artisans meticulously hand-weaving the silk fabric, creating a luxurious drape that exudes elegance.

The use of Dola technique enhances the saree's durability and gives it a subtle yet captivating shimmer. The saree's pallu (the decorative end) is often the highlight, showcasing elaborate designs that captivate onlookers.

Dola Silk Banarasi weaving sarees are a symbol of timeless beauty and grace. They are cherished as bridal attire and are also worn on special occasions, making a statement of sophistication and tradition. 

Wearing one is not just adorning oneself; it's embracing a legacy of beauty and culture that spans centuries.

Saree comes with woven blouse piece in running. 


6.3 M


Delivery Time - 12 to 15 business days
Exchange only if any defects.

Care Guide

Dry Clean Only


Color may slightly vary from the actual color of the material due to editing & effects of photography.
-- No refund/ exchange due to color variation.
-- These sarees are handcrafted, therefore slight unevenness of the patterns are expected.
--Accessories and Blouse wore by the model are for reference purpose only.

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