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Rust Red Ajrakh Kota Saree

Rust Red Ajrakh Kota Saree

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Ajrakh Kota saree is a type of traditional Indian saree that combines two distinct styles: Ajrakh printing and Kota Doria weaving.

  1. Ajrakh Printing: Ajrakh is a unique form of block printing that originated in the regions of Gujarat and Rajasthan in India. It involves intricate designs and patterns being hand-blocked onto fabric using natural dyes. These dyes are often made from organic materials such as indigo, madder, and turmeric, giving Ajrakh prints their distinctive earthy colors.

  2. Kota Doria Weaving: Kota Doria is a traditional weaving technique that originated in Kota, a city in the Indian state of Rajasthan. It involves weaving delicate and lightweight cotton or cotton-silk blend fabrics on traditional pit looms. Kota Doria sarees are known for their fine texture, sheer appearance, and distinctive checkered or square patterns.

When these two techniques are combined, you get the Ajrakh Kota saree, which features the beautiful Ajrakh block prints on the lightweight and airy Kota Doria fabric. These sarees are prized for their elegance, intricate designs, and comfortable feel, making them popular choices for both casual and festive occasions. They often feature a combination of vibrant colors and traditional motifs, making them visually stunning pieces of art. Ajrakh Kota sarees are highly sought after by those who appreciate traditional Indian textiles and craftsmanship.


6.3M including Blouse Piece


Delivery Time - 8-10 business days
Exchange only if case of defects.

Care Guide

Dry Clean /Mild Wash only.


Color may slightly vary from the actual color of the material due to editing & effects of photography.
-- No refund/ exchange due to color variation.
-- These sarees are handcrafted, therefore slight unevenness of the patterns are expected.

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